Who we are

اThis company was established utilizing the experience and knowledge of engineers and experts in tourism and wood industry and has started its activities with more than 30 years of operational experience in engineering and construction at operation of production workshops.

Company vision document

  • Successful presence in domestic and foreign markets with competitive advantages in the development of the status quo.
  • Development of production with an emphasis on learning, creativity and innovation in products and services
  • increasing quality of products to maintain production and the requirements of hotels and reception centers
  • Improve quality of products in order to earn the trust of customers
  • Becoming top companies, especially in the wood and furniture industries in the domestic sphere and at the vison to professional arena
  • Design modeling and standardization of products, especially in the hotel industry
  • Identify consumption patterns and market demand in order to gain market share and economic goals

Company policies

  • Understanding the needs and demands of their customers
  • Customer-oriented principle and the protection of consumer rights
  • Produced with the greatest efficiency and most reasonable price
  • Increase productivity and human resources capabilities by promoting technical knowledge and skills
  • Production within the country
A team consists of successful people who are gathered together.

Mr.Abas Shahrestani Rohani


Interior design MA holder from Art University

Design and implementation of architecture and interior design projects since 1969

Our future

Although the company is capable of producing all wooden products, including production, design, manufacture and supply in the areas of hotel and residential areas, therefore the policy of company is the use of most recent technologies and to keep the training up to date.

Our workshop

One of our differences is our workshop procedures. All stages of production, including color skeleton and upholstery will be done by qualified staff in the work production procedure is at our disposal from beginning to the end.